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Friday, February 5

Worse gets Worser

Just when I thought it could not get any worse, it did.

The other night when I went to bed,I noticed that the temperature was just above freezing. Great, I thought. Maybe we are going to have a February thaw. I woke up this morning and the temperature was still a little above freezing. Fantastic! No more slipping and sliding. I was gleeful.

Then I went outside..

The rising temperature had managed to melt the top layer of snow. It's this layer of snow that provides what little traction there is.. In its place were huge puddles of water with pure smooth ice underneath. I repeat SMOOTH ice underneath.

It was horrible. It took me 15 minutes to go a half a block. I should have turned back, but instead I pushed on. It began to sleet. That's a nice way of saying freezing rain. I took off my glasses because they were getting misted and then freezing. I could not see.

Every step was tentative. I could not really walk at a normal speed. I felt like an inch worm who was in the wrong season. Thank goodness, I had my walking stick. It kept me from falling several times.

My normal 15 minute walk to the Hearts of Love Center took me about 70 minutes. I was soaked and chilled. Miserable to the bone.

Ukrainian friends tell me that this kind of winter is rare. They cannot remember the last time. Lucky me, I get to experience an old fashioned Ukrainian winter.

As I finish writing this, it's starting to snow. Believe me, I am very happy and relieved. Now Traction will return in the morning. And the worser will get a little better.