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Wednesday, July 11

Florida, Art and Family

It's a last moment trip to Florida.  My younger brother, Pete, has moved to the sunshine state.  For many years, his retirement dream was to have a home on the water.  Now he's living his dream complete with a sail boat and beautiful sunsets.

He tells me that he will be welcoming baby Alice the newest member of our extended family.  I cannot resist the invitation and quickly make plans.  Off to Florida I go.
Looking across the grand canal, Cape Coral, Florida.  Congratulations, Pete, and may you enjoy many satisfying years.

Nothing says Florida as well as palm trees.
When I returned from Florida, I posted a quick watercolor sketches on my apartment door.

Early morning with breezes  gently swaying the palm branches overhead. 

A photo captures the beauty of a moment and becomes inspiration for another watercolr.  

The textures and colors of the dunes at dusk.  Relax and watch the sun go down.

Rita, my niece, and Bill came for a visit.  They are living in SF with their new daughter.  Mom and Dad cuddle baby Alice.  Of course, she is adorable.  

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