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Saturday, May 7

Kotor Climbing

I  missed  the morning bus, but never  fear, I'll get another.    I have an extra 6 hours in Kotor.  GREAT.

I  look around.

Before me is a mountain cradling a church about two-thirds to the top.

It's a vvvvvery long way up, but I say to myself, "now or never."   Let's go...

Steep incline and 1001  steps 

BIrds sing and flowers bloom along the way

How far did I get?   Let's just say that I didn't get to the top.   But then again,  it's not a race to the top... is it?

Take time to see the sights and smell the roses or in this case
the iris!

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  1. Such an awesome view from high up. It is a beautiful place and you have really done a tough job climbing through all this distance. However, the scenic beauty must have kept you busy.