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Thursday, April 9

Peace Corps Staging

First afternoon of Peace Corps is complete.

What an exciting time. It is wonderful being joined with so many interesting people. I am really looking forward to learning more from each and building new friendships. We are a group spanning ages from twenties to late 60s. We are east coast...west coast...Hawaii and everywhere in between. Quite a few of us are in our senior years. It is a great dynamic in conversations and discussions. I am learning the lingo of a younger generation!!

The workshops have been well done. I am imppressed with the quality of presentation. Who would think that policies and procedures could keep the interest of 55 PC trainees? But there was enough variety and interactivity to keep us engaged.

I am feeling much better, thank you. A three day spring cold with intense coughing and maybe a little fever had me worried. Brother Peter let me sleep at his house for nearly 30 hours straight. We broke my hibernation by going to a New Jersey diner. Comfort food was on the menu. I had hot turkey sandwich, mashed potatoes and rice pudding....YUM!! That and NyQuil have made all the difference.

My last night was spent with Peter, Valarie and my niece, Jessica. I a got a few calls from friends and a farewell was shared with my son, Paul. All of these moments are cherished memories. I am feeling very blessed.

Tonight I am treating my self to a wonderful dinner and then off to bed for a 6 am wake up. After all this time, the adventure begins and within the next 24 hours...UKRAINE.

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